Friday, February 4, 2011

boost controller and boost gauge DIY

hi.. im Feckry Ag Ghani..

im planning for a boost controller and boost gauge DIY installation..

car and engine spec;

-toyota land cruiser bj60.
-converted to 1jzgte w/ stock twin turbo.
-old hks super blow off valve.
-K&N air filter.
-else, is stock..

here is some DIY article..
due to bdget problem, i just bought these cheap stuff..

jasma boost controller;

boost gauge;

silicon and fuel hose;

first.. lets prepare the boost controller first..

seal all thread w/ this PTFF thread seal tape
u can find this at hardware's plumbing section..

thread seal tape;


make sure u seal all the connectors..
the wastegate, boost/vac, gauge connector.

now.. lets move on..
search for you turbo..
then, find the wastegate actuator hose..
like this,

the wastegate actuator hose;

to reach both the hose, i took the filter n the turbo cover off..
one hose on the right, & the other one, is back there where the arrow show..
sorry, my camera couldn't reach it..

i wont use the pressure hose from both turbos for boost/vacuum signal..
therefore, i clog them using short hose with a bolt closing its end..
i'll find another source of boost/vacuum later..

the waste gate actuator;

as for the wastegate actuator valves, i combine both turbo's hose into one, using T connector..

i found a boost/vacuum signal which is the factory recirculate valve..
im not using this valve anymore bcoz i had another aftermarket valve..

factory recirculate valve;


Now, all hose connections of boost controller, boost gauge, wastegate actuator and boost/vacuum, done..
put back the turbo cover and air filter in..

move on to the boost gauge position..

i put it here;

then, find an electronic device that only turn on when the key is in acc mod..
therefore, i chose the clock..

here is the wire;

secure the connection with tape..
before u put back the dashboard in, make sure that the gauge works..

tighten all screws..
and u r done..

u need to make a few run to adjust the boost controller to achieve ur desired boost pressure..
as for me, i run 0.9 bar = 13 psi aproximately..
bcoz, 1jz-gte's ecu had a fuel cut which cut the fuel when then boost reach 1.0 bar..
it is a failsafe procedure bcoz the twin ceramic ct12 turbo cant withstand the high pressure..
to increase the fuel cut level, u need the fuel cut defencer (FCD)..
but, i dont need it.. im not planning to increase the boost more than my turbos can handle..

thats all.. thanks for reading.. good luck..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bla3.. actually 1st time..
no experince of bloging..
haha.. i got a blog!

klu ada kureng pa2..
tlg2 la k..
nnti2 la sy update lg..